• Trophy Slots for 1.12.2

    After an extremely long hiatus from modding, during which I've had two jobs (IT for a short while and now programming apps and robots for schools), gone to two seperate RTXs, went from never having visiting San Diego to traveling there nearly every week, I've finally had the change to...

  • RTX Austin 2017

    Another quick post about conventions. This is just a annoucement (or reminder if you follow me on Twitter), but I'll be attending RTX Austin 2017 from July 7th to the 9th. Be prepared for me talking about the altitude of the plane and complaining about the heat and humidity.

  • Moving to Jekyll

    In case you've haven't noticed, the site should load a bit faster now. That's because I've moved away from using CMSs (sorry GetSimple. I love you...) and am now using Jekyll to generate my website as static html. This makes the site load faster (as it's just loading html instead...

  • RTX and other stuff

    So, a whole two months into the new year and I haven't put a PROPER update post on here yet. It's about time I fix that. First thing's first, I will be attending RTX 2016. I had an amazing time last year and hope to have an equally amazing one...

  • Site Back Up

    After several hours of google searching Apache docs, the site should be completely functional now. Hooray!