• Site Back Up

    After several hours of google searching Apache docs, the site should be completely functional now. Hooray!

  • Not So Short Update

    Hey guys, it's been quite a while since I last updated this site (back in Feburary, which is a long time ago now that I think about it). To keep things short, I haven't been doing a lot of modding until very recent due to real life stuff, such as...

  • SCaLE 13x

    Just wanted to make a quick post and annouce that I'll going to SCaLE (Southern California Linux Expo) this year, so if you happen to also be going, you might see me (though how you would do that when I haven't shown my face is beyond me) If you want...

  • About Moving to 1.8

    Just wanted to get this out of the way since there's still a lot of drama revolving around 1.8. I WILL be making mods for 1.8, but they'll probably be brand new mods (like Memory or Trophy Slots). I'll probably eventually port my other mods to 1.8, but I rather...

  • Up and running again!

    Just wanted to let you guys know that the site is (mostly) up and running again, yay!