RIP Twitter(?)

So, if you aren't really up to date with the happenings of Twitter, you might not have noticed it's been rapidly burning to the ground lately. Not unusual for Twitter I admit, but the speed at which it's happened since the Musk take over is alarming. So much so that a lot of people, myself included, have been preparing a mass migration to...whatever other social media site will take us. Just in case...

Now, does that mean I'm gonna start using the blog on my website more to keep everyone who bothers listening to my ramblings for some reason up to date. HA, yeah right! I use Jekyll to build this site, it takes way too much effort rebuilding the entire site to consistently make posts here and I'm too lazy to go back to any self-hosted CMS like Wordpress anytime soon. It took a ton of effort to stop being reliant on those to begin with.

Instead, I wanted to highlight my other social media accounts, where it'll be far simpiler for me to post and way easier for everyone else to follow since the average Joe has no idea what an RSS feed is. All my socials have had icon links at the footer of this site for a while now, but I just wanted to point out the ones I'll frequent more often since I don't exactly give them all love in equal measure.

The first one I want to point out is my Mastodon since that's the closest to Twitter, at least in appearance, out of the lot. I recently moved instances and have updated the links accordingly, but you can follow me there at https://tech.lgbt/@Lomeli. This is probably the one I'll spend the most time with.

The second one will be my tumblr. I've actually had this for a while now, I originally made it thinking I would start a comic blog as a way to get better at drawing years ago. That project...lasted like a day at most, so the page was just collecting dust for who knows how long. I've since gone back, removed all the old junk, and made it somewhat presentable to start posting there. Now, how often I blog there is questionable. I mean the last post I made here was 5 years ago, but it'll still be much simplier to post there if I have any sort of big announcements that don't fit in a tweet or, as might become the default from now on, toot. You can find that page at https://antlomeli.tumblr.com/.

That should be the end of it for now. Like I said, I've got other socials linked below, but those two are probably gonna be the most reliable way to hear my nonsense and probably the best way to reach me overall. Twitter is still alive and kicking for the moment, but it's future isn't exactly looking bright. It's just better to be safe than sorry, you know?