RTX and other stuff

So, a whole two months into the new year and I haven't put a PROPER update post on here yet. It's about time I fix that.

First thing's first, I will be attending RTX 2016. I had an amazing time last year and hope to have an equally amazing one this year. Looking forward to it.

Second, aside from the spring semester starting about midway last month, I've also started working as a Computer Science (though I've mostly been helping with Math) tutor for my school. As a result, I've had little time to work on mods, and what time I do have, I'm ususally too burnt out to work on stuff. I do try to mod every now and again, but I simply cannot sit down and work. While progress has slowed to almost a halt, you'll still probably see me push stuff every now and again on github. I'll make an update once more time as freed up.

And that should be everything you need to know. Thanks for reading, hope to get something out soon and maybe see some people at RTX.