Not So Short Update

Hey guys, it's been quite a while since I last updated this site (back in Feburary, which is a long time ago now that I think about it).

To keep things short, I haven't been doing a lot of modding until very recent due to real life stuff, such as preparing to transfer schools, applying for a job, trying to keep up with my classes, etc. Although all that is still going on, things have calmed down a bit so I can actually work on stuff.

Those of you that follow me on twitter have probably seen that I've been porting the 1.7.10 version of Trophy Slots to 1.8 in Kotlin, a JVM language. The mod is basically done, the only thing I need to do is finish rewritting the admin commands and setup a proper way of distributing Kotlin with it. I was gonna use Forgelin, which is how I found out how to use Kotlin with Forge, but it's using Kotlin, while I used Kotlin 0.14.449. I've built a custom version using 0.14.449, but then there's the problem with compatibilty if someone already has Forgelin installed. I can't use the instructions on how to package Kotlin with a mod doesn't work with ForgeGradle 2.0 as it's missing a few features necessary to do so and avoid compatibilty issues.

I've also been working on two other projects, one being a mod called Temere. I don't really have much on the frontend to show for Temere, but all I can say is that anything that I want to make but can't work into an existing mod of mine or feel can't work as a stand alone mod will go into Temere. It'll be avaliable for 1.8 once I get a few more items into it

The other project is a horror game I'm working on. Like Temere, there still isn't much to it atm other than a few concepts I have written down and some backend stuff. I would like to get it out by the end of the month (cause horror stuff tends to work well during October due to Halloween and all), but I'm not gonna promise a release.

Another little tidbit I'd like to get out is that I'm trying to go to more cons. While I couldn't go to Minecon this year due to it being a lot earlier than expected and conflicting with pre-existing plans to visit family, I did get to attend SCaLE and RTX, which was really fun. I plan on going to both of those again next year, as well as one of PAX cons and Minecon, though the latter will depend on if it doesn't conflict with anything again. I'm also considering San Deigo Comic Con, though that's event is very infamous for lines.

Sorry for the long post and lack of tl;dr, but thanks for reading anyway. It feels great to be coding again, and hopefully I'll have something out soon. Until then, I'll catch you guys next time.