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I’ve been getting a few modpack and video requests recently. Rather than answer them all with the exact same response, here’s a picture of a duck:

A duck

Now some actual info on how I regard modpacks: As most of my mods are either licensed under the GPL or the LGPL, no written permission is required for any of my mods. More specifically, here is a list of what you Can and Can Not do:

The only exception to these rules is Elemental Creepers, which is a bit of a tricky situation. xSmallDeadGuyx basically vanished, so you can't really ask him for permissions, but I'm not 100% sure how to go about handling permissions for the mod, since I only got the okay to distribute my builds. Whether I can determine how my builds are distributed is the tough part, as I still consider it HIS mod. And since I don't like dealing with permissions as I feel that's just a waste of time for both ends, I'm kinda stuck on this. FOR NOW, just send me a PM telling me that you'll be using the mod. No need for a reply from me, as I'll maybe glance at it just to make note and that's about it. If issues with distribution come up, we'll cross that bridge when it comes.

In regards to videos, you are allowed to use my mod in any video without my permission. Please stop asking me for permission.

I like to thank everyone who enjoy my mods. It’s you guys who make it worth while to make mods. If you need any help, contact me via the form on the Contact page, PM me on the Minecraft Forums, find me on the Forge IRC (#minecraftforge @, or the FTB TeamSpeak.

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